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Neo U Fit is a gym and fitness company that offers a wide range of fitness services and programs to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.

Neo U Fit offers a variety of fitness programs designed to cater to different interests and fitness levels. These may include group exercise classes (such as Bootcamp, Personal Training, Full Body Massage, and Pilates Classes, specialized programs for weight loss and muscle building.

To join Neo U Fit, you can visit one of our physical locations and sign up for a membership. Alternatively, you can check our website or contact our customer service for virtual membership options. We offer flexible membership plans to suit your needs.

Neo U Fit welcomes individuals of all ages. However, certain fitness programs or equipment may have age restrictions or require parental consent for minors. Please check with our staff or website for specific details.

Yes, Neo U Fit offers personal training services with certified trainers who can provide personalized workout plans, guidance, and motivation based on your specific goals and needs. You can inquire about personal training options at any of our locations.

Yes, Neo U Fit understands that circumstances may change. We provide options to suspend or cancel your membership based on our policies. Please contact our customer service or refer to our membership terms for details regarding suspensions, cancellations, and any associated fees.